Remembering Back

Weren’t we all in a much different mental and emotional state with the other parent before the kids? I think at one point (if I have to be honest) when I think I even liked him. You definitely would not know that now, from either of us. I used to look forward to seeing him, I dare say that I used to get butterflies. The good old days…

When did it all start to go sideways? Was it really with the kids, or were we just doomed and the kids just emphasized that? I mean we weren’t really that great as a couple, nothing really in common, different lifestyles and definitely different goals, but we did have great sex. And unfortunately, I now know that that does not have any kind of beneficial affect in the real world.

Maybe if we both remember, at least occasionally, that we weren’t always enemies the death grip on winning would not always be so tight.

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