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“Super Dad”

You would think with all of the custody battles over who’s the better parent, the United States would be full of amazing parents. God knows we spend obscene amounts of money on attorneys trying to secure more time with our kids. Countless hours of our lives gone, strategizing against the other parent for more timeContinue reading ““Super Dad””

Remembering Back

Weren’t we all in a much different mental and emotional state with the other parent before the kids? I think at one point (if I have to be honest) when I think I even liked him. You definitely would not know that now, from either of us. I used to look forward to seeing him,Continue reading “Remembering Back”


It is not the court’s fault or responsibility that we created children with people that we are unable to co-parent with. Now, I realize that might be a bit overwhelming to take responsibility for our own doing on how we got into the situations. But this is where we need to start. Until we areContinue reading “Blame”

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